Slidezilla Elevated Bed Slide

Play harder thanks to SlideZilla. Generously wider than ordinary slides, SlideZilla�s patented elevated design* positions the tray above the wheel wells, creating its wide-tray design, spacious enough to haul all your gear.

Expect more out of your truck thanks to SlideZilla�s evolutionary top-tray slide, a monster storage system that doubles your truck bed. Positioned above the wheel wells, this one-of-a-kind design creates an easy-to-use, bunk-storage system that turns your truck bed into a beast.

Full Extension Deck
Designed to fit a variety of short, medium and long truck beds, SlideZilla extends past the tail gate, making it easy to retrieve cargo.

1,000 Pound Capacity
Stainless-steel bearings and a powder-coat finish combine to create a durable deck.

Easy Access
Cargo below the tray, both in the front and back, is easily reachable thanks to SlideZilla�s innovative all-access design.

Top-Tray Storage
Double your storage thanks to SlideZilla�s patented elevated design.* This top-tray setup is a NEW concept in the truck slide industry.