About us

Texas Truck Accessories is Rockwall’s ONLY full-service premier truck, SUV, and Jeep outfitter. Launched in 2009 as a part of Horizon Auto Center, we strive to provide every customer with top-of-the-line service and the confidence of a job well done. Together, Horizon Auto Center and Texas Truck Accessories have over 1,800 5-star reviews and have won Living Magazines “Best Auto Repair in Rockwall and Rowlett” 8 years in a row!

Our shop is equipped to do any job from start to finish. Whether it’s a toolbox or customizing your truck from bumper to bumper, our onsite techs are the pros when it comes to installing accessories the RIGHT WAY.

On top of that, we are also a FULL SERVICE repair and lube shop. That means we’ll install your lift kit, align your truck, and change your oil all in the same visit! Need a state inspection or have a check engine light diagnosed? We’ve gotcha you covered.

We’re ready to make your truck or Jeep TEXAS TOUGH! Are you ready to make us your go-to accessories shop? Give us a call (469)-698-4460 or find us at 5335 Horizon Rd. Rockwall, TX 75032, located in the same building as Horizon Auto Center.



Do you install accessories?

            Yes! If we sell it, we install it. Our Service Advisors will be there through the entire buying and installing process. Should you have any problems or maintenance needs in the future, we’ll still be here to assist you!


How long do you need my truck for a lift kit install?

            Typically, installations only take 1 to 2 DAYS depending on the size of the lift. We never rush past any steps and always take the time to make sure the lift is installed correctly the first time. Our process is to: install the lift, align the truck/SUV/Jeep, test drive the vehicle to allow the suspension to settle into its new parts, and finally put the vehicle back on the alignment rack to perfect the angles and double check every bolt is torqued to spec. Ready to get started on your lift? Click here!


What bed cover is best for me?

            That depends! What are you looking to get out of a bed cover? What do you use your truck for? If you’re doing a lot of hauling in the bed of your pickup or if you’re pulling a gooseneck trailer, we suggest a folding, retractable, or vinyl roll up bed cover so you can keep using your entire bed. If you’re looking for security and something water tight, we suggest an electric retractable or tilt cover that locks down. Start shopping for bed covers here!


Are bed covers waterproof?

            The short answer is no. However, bed covers are very water resistant! The biggest issue with keeping out the water isn’t even the cover itself. Most bed covers on the market use a clamp on rail system to attach the cover to the bed itself. Unfortunately, this rail also functions as a drip rail. This means that any water that makes it past the seals on the sides of the cover will leak into this drip rail and drain down the front of the bed. Water can also leak through the sides of the tailgate. Since trucks have a rack from the factory, that water will run towards the front of the bed, soaking everything along the way.


What are the benefits of a performance programmer/tuner?

            Tuners give you the ability to modify and control every aspect of your factory tune in order to suit your needs. Programmers on the market are so advanced that you can change almost any setting on your truck. You can adjust settings to accommodate for an aftermarket intake, exhaust, and even oversized tires so the odometer and speedometer will be accurate. You can adjust settings to increase your fuel mileage or give you more horsepower. You can also make towing adjustments to make your vehicle better suited for hauling and providing you a more comfortable ride.


Do you sell tires?

            Yes! We have a wide range of brands to chose from. Let us know your make, year, and model and we’ll help you pick the right tires for your vehicle. Start shopping for tires here!


Do you sell wheels?

            Yes! If you need some new wheels to go with your new look, we’ve got you covered. Start shopping for your new wheels here!