Iron Cross RS Bumper

Lets get on the same page here and agree that stock bumpers are boring, weak-willed, and are only pretending to protect your valuable truck. So, its time to ditch that OE “bummer”, and put an Iron Cross RS front bumper on your ride.

Iron Cross built their bumpers using 10 gauge steel for the outer shell and 1/4in steel for the mounting brackets. How much steel is there currently in an OE “bummer”? Thats correct almost none, zero, zilch steel. Not convinced? Well, this bumper comes equipped with a 2in square, class III receiver tube with a reinforced collar. How about them apples? Not enough apples – still need more apples? Well, good, I have more apples. Iron Cross also decided to include two 3in x 6in LED lights with the bumper. Each light has 8 LEDs that project 792 lumens. What is a lumen you ask? I am no scientist, so I Googled it, and found out that it is a measurement of the amount of light emitted, and 792 is gonna be plenty.