Cargo Glide — Bed Slide

Sturdy Steel Frame Construction. Real Plywood Deck With TPO Rubber Laminated Surface For Strength And Durability. 6 Industrial Cam Follower Needle And Ball Bearings Provide Dependable Lasting Support For The Cargo. Industrial 4 Inch High Extruded 6061-T6 Thick Aluminum Side Rails With Integrated Full Perimeter Tie-Down Tracks. 4 Infinitely Adjustable Tie-Downs To Make Securing Cargo Easy And Versatile. Offers 65 Percent To 75 Per.

Bed Slide; CG Series; 1000 Pounds; 65 Inch Length x 49.25 Inch Width x 3.75 Inch Deck Height; 4 Inch Side Rail Height; Power Coated Black Steel Frame With Extruded Aluminum Side Rails; 3/4 Inch Plywood Deck With A Laminated Rubber Surface; Bolts To Truck Bed; With 4 Adjustable Eye Bolt Tie Downs; Requires Install Kit Depending On Application Only If Listed.