Whether you’re looking at our Truck and Off-Road wheels, our high end Platinum line-up, or our trend setting Focal designs, Ultra Wheel is Championship-Caliber and Quality. Check out the Ultra wheel brands. Know that when you own a set of wheels by Ultra Wheel, you too will be riding on our core principle of delivering the strongest, most durable wheels on the market today. Championship-Caliber Quality, only from Ultra Wheel. Race Tested.....Championship Proven.

Ultra Wheel 250 Colossus

Ultra Wheel 250-8963U+18

Ultra Wheel Baron Machined Face

Ultra Wheel 202-8963B

Ultra Wheel Predator II 249BM

Ultra Wheel 249-8963BM+18

Ultra Worx 803 Beast

WORX is setting out to redefine the custom truck wheel industry. For truck owners unique lifestyle sets them apart from the crowd, WORX is the perfect fit. Exclusive styling with a healthy dose of attitude delivers a look thats a perfect reflection of individuality. With a broad range of over-achieving styles to choose from, youre sure to find a wheels that WORX for you!