Paramount Restyling LED Grille

One Piece Injection Molded ABS Grille Shell Grille Shell Molds Are Designed Using Factory O.E Parts To Guarantee The Best Fit And Finish Highest Quality Anti-Rust 304 Stainless Steel Is Used In Mesh Applications

When the Evolution line was first created by Paramount Restyling, it was charged with a single purpose: to create the future of restyling. It was in search of this goal that Evolutions LED series was born. Using rivets with LED lights inserted into them these grilles arent just designed to make your ride stand out, theyll make you stand out. When powered off the Evolution LED will look just like an Evolution grille, but when powered on the Evolution LED redefines the entire look of the grille. The Packaged Grille line comes with one of our celebrated grille shells, removing any need for cutting or drilling. Just remove your old shell and snap the new one in. Finally, the Evolution LED Series is made with Paramounts celebrated stainless steel and finished with its renowned powder coating, so you know that its built to last. With the Evolution LED series, youll be part of the future!

Type: Mesh
Bar Count: No Bar
Insert Finish: Powder Coated
Insert Color: Black
Insert Material: Stainless Steel
Shell Finish: Powder Coated
Shell Color: Black
Shell Material: Stainless Steel
With Logo Cutout: No
With Light Cutouts: No
With Vents: No
Lighted: Yes