Diversified Products  USA operates a variety of on-line stores dedicated to products for "Life on the Road". Our business serves customers across North America. Orders are dropped shipped from the factory warehouses, directly to the customers preferred destination.

Since 1995, we have been marketing our various products and services throughout North America via the internet and our business has transformed over the years to include many kinds of unique and innovative vehicle accessories, that our customers have found great satisfaction in.


Jotto Desk

Integrating a truck mount as a mobile office is becoming considerably common. Mobile professionals must ensure they have an ergonomic and stable work surface to secure their laptops on.

Slide Jotto-Cargo Slide 1200 lb.

Jotto-Cargo Slide makes your life simple. It provides easy access to cargo in a pickup truck bed

Slide Jotto-Cargo Slide 800lb

Slide Jotto-Cargo Slide 800lb