DU-HA has been making under seat storage devices since 2003. We make them for virtually every pickup brand and offer products for trucks made as early as 2000.

Competitors have taken notice and are trying to take a piece of the market we created. But beware, their products are absolutely not the same!

All DU-HA storage products are roto-molded. This is the same process used to make premium coolers and high-performance kayaks!

A DU-HA roto-molded storage product is extremely strong and sturdy. It’s custom fit to your truck model and will never lose its shape or begin to curl.

Every DU-HA underseat storage product comes with removable custom dividers that keep your gear separated and organized but also serves as gun racks where you can literally store your long guns to keep them out of sight. In fact, a DU-HA storage device qualifies as a gun case in many states. 

Most DU-HA storage devices come in several colors specifically to match your truck interior. This also makes the device less conspicuous to would-be thieves.

Can't find what exactly what you're looking for? Give us a call and we'll help you find the perfect DU-HA storage products for you!

Du-Ha Storage Solutions

Du-Ha knows how annoying it can be to have tools and other objects floating around your truck in a disorganized manner. A disorganized truck can cause all kinds of issues including loss of time, stress, damage to your vehicle as well as potential harm to yourself.