Pickup trucks have come a long way, and have evolved beyond their strictly-utility beginnings. However, no matter how you use your truck, whether it’s for a trip to the mall or to the lumberyard, the fact remains that above all else, the key feature of a pickup truck is the bed. That’s why it is so important to take care of the bed and protect it from wear and tear and exposure to the elements. At BAK Industries, we have developed a line of tonneau cover products that help keep your truck functional and beautiful.

Because everyone uses their truck differently, there is no single right solution. That’s why BAK Industries offers the BAKFlip, the Vortrak retractable cover, the Revolver rolling series, and the Rack Integrated BAKFlip Contractor Series. Each is designed for a different need, but they all share the hallmarks of BAK Industries products: durability, reliability, and quality.

There are many reasons why people choose tonneau covers for their trucks. Those in harsh-weather areas may want to protect the bed from extreme conditions. Others might be looking for a way to protect their cargo. Or perhaps it’s for improved aerodynamics. Whatever the reason, what matters most is that you choose a tonneau cover that can handle whatever you throw it at. If strength and durability are what you’re after, BAK Industries tonneau covers are a natural choice.

One of the challenges many truck owners face when picking a cover is the difficulty in finding one that meets their needs. For instance, a hard-cover can offer excellent durability and security, but they can also limit the utility of your bed. Soft covers, on the other hand, are flexible and easy to use but offer minimal protection. Tonneau covers from BAKFlip offer the best of both worlds, giving you the strength and security of a hard-cover with the convenience and ease of access of a soft cover.

Of course, while many of the reasons to add a tonneau cover are practical, there’s no denying the aesthetic appeal of a well-designed cover. Not only do tonneau covers keep your truck looking like new for a longer time, they can enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. If you take pride in your vehicle appearance (and who doesn’t?), a tonneau cover is a sensible measure to protect your investment.

In March of 2014 BAK Industries joined the Truck Hero, Inc. family of brands, a market leading company known for its quality and breadth of product lines, engineering, and innovation. 

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BAK Revolver Roll Up Cover

Patented Locking Rails secure the full length of the bed. Easy to use automatic slam latch operates from either side. Full access to stake pocket holes for other accessories. No lifting with easy one-handed rolling design. Easy clamp-on installation. No velcro or stitching. 100% bed access. Tough security.


The RX4 is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum panels. When latched, the ¾” Patented Rotational Locking Rails secure the cover the entire length of the truck bed. Heavy-duty locking levers are now 3X thicker with reinforced gussets for added strength and are engineered to lock with no adjustment necessary. Premium matte finish hard rolling cover Patented rotational locking rails lock 100% of the cover for unrivaled security Automatic latching system

BAK RollBAK Retractable Cover

The RollBAK® Tonneau Cover a 100% Powder Coated Aluminum Hard, Retractable, tonneau cover that gives you instant access to your truck bed and cargo without ever removing the cover. This cover is level with the truck bed, so you maintain your truck s original sleek profile.


Stylish Matte Finish 1/2″ Thick Aluminum Slats Rolls up into Spring-Loaded Canister Two Additional Locking Positions along the rail Simple Release Cables Open the Cover from Either Side


CS Rack + BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover Integrated Contractor Rack 500lbs. Rack Capacity Slides in Rails for Multiple Positions 100% Bed Access

BakFlip CS Folding Cover w/ Rack

BakFlip CS Contractor series tonneau cover and rack combination. – You love the idea of full access to your truck bed. You love the idea of being able to lock up your valuables and keep them dry and safe under a world-class tonneau cover. You love the heavy-duty features and cutting edge aesthetics of the BakFlip tonneau cover, but you re the kind of person that also needs a rack from time to time. Whether it s for sport, recreation or work, the idea of a heavy duty BakFlip tonneau cover and a sliding ladder rack combination has always been a brilliant idea. Well now the wait is over! The BakFlip CS tonneau cover integrates an elegant 500 lbs sliding ladder rack and an all aluminum BakFlip truck bed cover into one outstanding seamless product. This unit is no toy! Make no mistake about it. Rack it, stack it, lock it, load it, fold it, flip it and LOVE IT.