Air Lift Helper Bags

The holy grail of suspension technology is the perfect blend of ride comfort and load hauling capacity. In the past, auto builders had to choose one over the other. Today, with the Air Lift Air Bag Suspension Kit, you get the best of both worlds-a smooth ride and plenty of backbone to haul the heaviest loads. The secret behind the Air Lift Air Bag Suspension Kit is simple: you control the firmness of the air bags. When you re fully loaded or towing a trailer, fill them full of air to do away with sag, sway, bottoming out, roll and more. For everyday commuting, keep them deflated for a downy soft ride. Dragsters can also use the Air Lift Leveling System for greater rear-wheel traction at the speedway. With an Air Lift On Board Air Control System, you can even make on-the-fly adjustments as road conditions change.


  • Give your vehicle the smooth ride of a Cadillac without sacrificing your ability to tow like a Kenworth with the ingenious Air Lift Air Bag Suspension Kit
  • This fully adjustable air bag (aka air spring) system lets you fine-tune the firmness of your suspension: add more air when you re towing or hauling, and let it out when you re commuting
  • Your Air Lift Leveling System is custom engineered for your specific year, make and model
  • Ride on air (literally) and say goodbye to sag, trailer sway, body roll, bottoming out and rough ride with the ingenious Air Lift Leveling System
  • Fill both sides evenly or bolster one side when you have an off-center load
    • The Air Lift Level System comes in four styles, depending on your vehicle:
    • Air Lift 1000: mounts inside your front or rear coil springs—you get extra rear support when towing or fully loaded, greater handling, and massive back-wheel traction. Up to 1000 lbs of leveling capacity
    • Ride Control: connects to your light-duty pickup, medium-duty truck or SUV s leaf springs-delivers the perfect balance of smooth ride quality and sturdy support for towing and hauling. Up to 2000 lbs of leveling capacity
    • LoadLifter 5000: these extreme-duty air bags mount to your full-sized truck or SUV s leaf springs-you get massive support for your heaviest loads. Shoulders up to 5000 lbs of leveling capacity
    • LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate: The ultimate in air support for your full-sized truck or SUV s leaf springs handles your heaviest loads. The heavy duty bags offer 5000 lbs of leveling capacity and feature a built-in internal jounce bumper to eliminate harsh jarring on rough roads
      For on-the-fly adjustments of your Air Lift Leveling System, upgrade with an optional Air Lift On Board Air Control System
    • LoadLifter 5000 Air Lift Leveling Systems boast high-strength, reinforced Zytel endplates and exclusive Shur-grip crimp rings that won t come apart-both carry a limited Lifetime Warranty
    • The air bags in your Ai